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Zaw Lin Myat

Min Sithu

Hupin Resort Delias Wing

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Inle Lake, Shan State



12 acres

11,700 sqft (450 sqft per room)

3.5-star Resort

Wai Lin Love Diary Photogrpahy

Stilt structure

Located across the Chalets built in 2014, the new Hupin Resort Delias Wing took inspiration from the Delias butterflies found in Inle. The new wing is to replace the deteriorating thatched cottages and rotting wooden bridges that were at least 3 decades old. Contrasting from the more traditional cottages and the Chalets, an exhilarating experience of living with nature in Inle Lake is to be provided within the more modern architecture infused with local soul.

The Delias butterflies’ wings are the central identity of the new duplex cottages. They are playful and fun. They complement the landscape of rolling mountains and waves. The form may be new but the construction method still relies on the Inntha people. There is a deliberate intention to preserve the local knowledge of stilt construction in water, providing jobs to Inntha people, improving their skills and exposing them to modern design. They are the DNA of what makes this contemporary design an Inntha’s creation.

To instill it with our cultural notion of sharing, togetherness and friendliness, a small addition to the cottage was made: the Kut Pyit Room. This idea comes from Kut Pyit, a raised platform attached to traditional homes, where families and friends gather to chat, share moments, eat laphat. You can also notice local fish through its glass bottom for casual observation. The water is clearer when viewed 90 degrees from the top. Looking at an angle, the lake reflects the sky and clouds but not what’s under. A guest may enjoy such an expansive view through fully openable windows, bringing in fresh air and light. There are no lounge chairs. We removed them. We made the Kut Pyit the place to sit because it really absorbs nature and delivers a unique experience of living in Inle Lake.

The culture of Kut Pyit, which is about sharing the space equally with everyone on the same platform, represents the egalitarian ways of living with families and friends. This is part of Myanmar culture we have to cherish and bring back in modern living. We strive to continuously explore ways for our traditions and values to be integrated into modern living because we truly believe the way we design will shape the way we live.

The floating delias have the amenities of a comfortable modern living such as enclosed toilets, showers, bathtubs, sewage system that digest and discharge safe, clean, and nutrients-filled water back to the lake. The guest may enjoy living the Inle life on the lake, with a modern twist.

Hupin Resort Delias Wing is designed to live in nature, be with nature, and be immersed in its rejuvenating environment.



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